We can support you from idea to finished product

Large exhibits

We have been project managers responsible for overall design, concept and communication for large exhibits for many years working with e.g. Volvo Trucks, Volvo Bus, Volvo Construction Equipments, Hiab and Swegon. The image you see here is from IAA 2018 in Hanover.

Film production

An exhibition or event is nothing without content and a keen focus on the main objectives. The film shown here is from Swegon at Nordbygg to announce the very core of the companies soul “We make every breath count”. This project was done with our partners at Haymaker FX.


Graphics artwork

Graphics is most likely to be a necessity when presenting your company brand at an exhibition, event or product launch. We have the skill of making all artwork to the right quality depending on visual size and final output.

Medium exhibits

We don’t focus on large exhibits but understanding the complexity of the large ones the knowhow can be transferred to any size and form. The image you see above is from Swegon at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt.

3D animations

We also work with 3D animations when you are looking for various effects in your presentation at an event, exhibition or other venue. We always try to find the right economical level for you to afford this feature.


Dynamic presentations

Interactive PowerPoints and Keynotes are something that we are good at! We know that this is something most companies need on daily bases. By incorporating films and animations we try to optimize it for best performance so your company presentation looks professional.


Permanent exhibits

ABSOLUT in the world was a concept to present all markets that ABSOLUT was represented in with interactive presentations. The exhibit could also be dismantled and moved to different locations.


Web design

Be visual on the web is natural today but communication spreads sometimes from company’s main objective. We can help you create a clear Web page with communication strategy and visuals that you can be proud of and it will be easy for you to manage updates on your own. 



House architecture is an other side of our knowledge and we can help you with overall concept to drawings for building permits. We have a clear understanding of building construction so everything we create can be built.

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